Study breaks

This week and the last one have mostly been spent at the library with my face in the books all day. It has therefore been so nice with every little break we’ve had. I’ve been stuying at the university with some friends, so that we can meet up for lunch and coffee breaks! I also got the pathé unlimited card which allows me to see as many movies as i want for 19 euros a month. I have therefore watched gravity, runner runner, we’re the millers in the past two weeks! We also started ordering dinner to the university through for the days we are here late and its soo nice! We can choose between so much. So far we’ve just had indian food but theres everything and its pretty cheap. In addition I have been to the gym, handball practices and we’ve had some nice lunches and breaks.

Sunset photoshoot

While we were in Spain we decided to take some photos in the sunset. The light is just so beautiful! Finally managed to upload these pictures, but had to upload them one by one on word first so not sure when the next pictures from spain will be posted.


Denne månedens student

Jeg klarer ikke å få lagt inn allr bildene på inleggene. Forstår virkelig ikke hva det er men med en gabg det er mer en ett bilde som skal lastes opp så går det ikke. Veldig kjipt. Men tenkte derfor at jeg kunne si at jeg er denne månedens student i tasta avis! Artikkelen finner du på avisa sin hjemme side men jeg legger også ut et bilde av den her 🙂


Chill In Ericeira Surf House

Finally I have gotten around to post the photographs from when Steffen and I went surfing in Portugal. Its months ago now, but thought I would still share some. I thought surfing was so much fun, so will definitely try it again! Now that it is study week I dont have so much to write about, but last week I was in Spain with my family so I will post pictures and write about that tomorrow 🙂


IMG_6908 IMG_6990 IMG_6991 IMG_7057 IMG_7141 IMG_7142 IMG_7233 IMG_7315 IMG_7363 IMG_7672 IMG_7689 IMG_7688 IMG_7720 IMG_7822 IMG_7833 IMG_7953 IMG_7999