Still summer?

I still have not managed to upload the pictures from ericeira, but thought I would instead post a little about my day! Today I went with Steffen to Bergeb. The weather was so amazing so I put on a summer dress and we went to the beach. As soon as we got there the sky opened and the rain poured… So we ended up going to a café.



The start of another year

About a week ago I got back from Amsterdam after having had a great summer home and a really fun vacation in Portugal (will write more about these in another post).
The past week in Amsterdam has been spent moving into my new place. My dad came to visit and we went to ikea before spending two days putting things up. Off course we also fit in some good meals and some fun time, but most of the days were spent getting things ready. The effort paid off though. That’s for sure! I had nothing but a bed, chair, single closet, cubbord, and the kitchen table and chairs from before. This was all bout last year or when mom and nora came over to help me right before I went home to Norway; so there was a lot to do! We decided to have all the furniture delivered to my door on the 11th floor. This because last time Nora and I had measured the elevator and were sure tht the bed fit in, so we only ordered it to the ground floor, but when the bed came we had forgotten about the rails sticking 5 cm out all around the elevator so it off course didn’t fit. We therefore, with the help of Steffen, had to carry it up the stairs. So lesson learnt. Pay the extra 11 euros so I am not responsible for carrying it up again. And listen to mom. She did warn us she didn’t think it would fit…

Enough about that. Here are some photoa of the room now. After a lot of building and tidying.