Shabu Shabu

Today I first went to the Holi color festival with Steffen, his sister and a friend of hirs, then Steffen and I went to ShabuShabu for dinner. The Holi festival was a great experience but the music was constantly the same and not much happened so it was enough after half a day. Happy I went though as it is completely different from other festivals. This one was based on an indian color festival so we bought color powder and danced. I didn’t take any photos though so will have to get them from Sølvi first.
Shabu Shabu is a japanese restaurant where they have all you can eat sushi and grill, but instead of a buffet like I am used to when its all you can eat, they have a menu and you order in round. Each person orders five dishes per round and they “give you four rounds,” but if you can still eat I think you can. If u just order everything and waste food you have to pay extra so you really eat what you try. We made it to the end of round two when we had to throw in the towel and have our desert. Another round we wouldnt even have touched the food. We had everything from shrimps/crabs/octopus to chicken/beef/soup and to my amazement I actually liked everything but the crab! Crazy crazy crazy! Haha!







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