Shabu Shabu

Today I first went to the Holi color festival with Steffen, his sister and a friend of hirs, then Steffen and I went to ShabuShabu for dinner. The Holi festival was a great experience but the music was constantly the same and not much happened so it was enough after half a day. Happy I went though as it is completely different from other festivals. This one was based on an indian color festival so we bought color powder and danced. I didn’t take any photos though so will have to get them from Sølvi first.
Shabu Shabu is a japanese restaurant where they have all you can eat sushi and grill, but instead of a buffet like I am used to when its all you can eat, they have a menu and you order in round. Each person orders five dishes per round and they “give you four rounds,” but if you can still eat I think you can. If u just order everything and waste food you have to pay extra so you really eat what you try. We made it to the end of round two when we had to throw in the towel and have our desert. Another round we wouldnt even have touched the food. We had everything from shrimps/crabs/octopus to chicken/beef/soup and to my amazement I actually liked everything but the crab! Crazy crazy crazy! Haha!







Birthday in the sun

Last Sunday we celebrated Ida’s 13th birthday which was really fun! Since it has been such a chaos since I got back with room viewings, studying, handball and enjoying summer, I have not had the chance to post this earlier. We had a BBQ in the garden with family and were as many as 25 people! But we spent both Saturday and Sunday preparing food so it was a big success and everyone had loads to eat. 



Today my youngest sister turns 13. Finally you are a teenager! I hope that she has an amazing day, and am so happy that I could come home and celebrate with her yesterday. She is an amazing sister and I love her to death.

77836ff5-a7c8-4f48-9d07-f0626fcbaf84wallpaper d0814913-abda-4edb-9c53-c045ddcbdf01wallpaperGratulerer med dagen Mini. Glad i deg !


Amsterdam Open Air

On Sunday I went to my first proper festival. It is called Amsterdam Open Air and was so much fun! There was great music and so many different stages, lovely weather, and lots of other things you could also do(ex. Granny bingo and haunted house). I went with a group of study friends and we were there from 1-11!








Amsterdam Beach handball tournament

This week has just passed so quickly and so did the weekend. At the moment I am on my way home, so I thought I would share some pictures from last weekend while I wait.
On the Saturday I played a beach handball tournament. Even though we didn’t win much it was so much fun to play! The weater was amazing and I haven’t played a handball game in almost two years so the little kick it gives wa great!




Enjoying summer

This week we only had university on monday so I have spent the rest of the week just having fun with friends. Tomorrow I have a beach handball tournament and on sunday I am going to a festival. So much fun!
Here are some photos from the past days!








My highs and lows of the past month

Honestly there hasn’t been any real lows this month. I have had so much fun. If I had to choose it must be to have been stuck inside studying while there was the nicest summer weather outside! Ah how I wished I didn’t have to study then.

A high might be getting all the tickets for different festivals and things that I will be doing the next month, going home for the 17th of May, meeting my dad for a little study break while he was here, and just enjoying SUMMER!


That was the LAST of the 30 days challenge! Now it is amazing weather though and I have so much planned so there will still be a lot to write about!

My goals for the next 30 days

For the next month I want to enjoy summer and not worry too much about studying, but still do enough to pass all the subjects I have now. I also want to train well, to find a new room, and to enjoy some time with my friends here before the summer vacation 🙂

28 – Something that you miss

This one is easy. I miss my family, my friends back home, and I miss having a dog. I have always been very close to my family so moving away I really do miss them, but I just look even more forward to seeing them now, and I cannot wait for the summer as I can be around them for a month. I am so happy that I moved to Amsterdam though as I love it here, so I guess missing them is just the backside to that.

1071822-9-1305656354608 IMG_2861

A problem that you have had – DAY 27

I don’t think there are a lot of teenagers any longer that  can say that they have never faced any problems. Either with themselves or the surroundings, and neither can I. It is a sad truth, and I wish we would not have to be so terribly judgmental about everyone around us. Luckily I have always had very caring parents and some friends that have always cared about me, so I never felt all alone. 

I have however had to experience the backstabbing and bitching that most girls do, and it really affected my self confidence. It started when we were living in Dubai and kept on until I was about 16. At some points I thought that maybe it was just me that there was something wrong with, but now that I look back, the people who did all the criticizing were the exact same people who had to criticize someone new every week, so I think we can all agree who the biggest problem was. 

After some time my mom forced me to go to a coach to get some help, and after going there for a while I started to see improvements and decided to continue working at home. Now I have to laugh at all those idiots who always have something bad to say about everyone. I can’t believe that someone needs to push down on everyone else to feel good. They have a serious problem. I am so thankful for my mom for telling me to go, and I think the most important thing is to talk to someone before it gets too bad. For me it never got too bad, because I talked to my parents, and I still had some friends that were always there. I don’t think I had to go through anything especially problematic, because I think that most girls have had to deal with the same as me, and I think the only thing that differs us is how we react to it.