I can fly

Day 14 – My earliest memory.


I don’t know if it is my earliest memory, but it is from I was around 2 years old so it is at least a very early one. Off course some details of this have been told to me. What I remember is the shape of the stairs and how I first landed in one corner before I rolled down to the other.

My dad has always travelled a lot with work, and so one day where I asked my mom where my dad was she said he was out flying. Oblivious as I was, I figured that if he is able to fly, I must also be, so I jumped down the stairs in an attempt to fly. To my disappointment I could not fly, but instead hit my head and still have a scar on my forehead. GO SANNA!




For christmas next year I want a propeller for my back like Karlson has .

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