A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life

This is a hard one. I feel like I have a good life with good friends and my lovely family so to pick out one moment is not so easy. However, I think the one moment I remember the most was when I got to know that I had passed my IB exams. Despite all that was fighting against me during that period my work the last two years had been enough and it was an accomplishment that I had achieved, by myself. I off course also have to that my teachers and my parents for the help, but in the end, if I wouldn’t have put in any effort, gone to the lessons, and studied from the beginning I would not have made it, so I look at this as a personal achievement.

I have always studied too much and have ended up being sick by the time every single exam arrives, and IB was so exception. Now that I have seen that I managed even if all I did the weeks of exams was sleep and take medicines I still passed I have managed to take my university exams a bit more at ease, and have not yet stressed myself sick during exams. So knock on wood on that one.

Anyways. The day I found out. I was on vacation with my family in Orlando, and I told them Karen and Karoline passed, and that is when they asked why I don’t know. A day before the exam grades came out we could visit or call the IB coordinator, but I dreaded hearing her tell me I failed and having to discuss with her what to do next year so I didn’t want to call, but my parents made me send her a message asking. When my phone vibrated and I saw she had answered I was shaking so badly. I managed to fumble my phone open and when I read that I had passed I almost passed out. My parents thought I had failed because my eyes filled up with tears and I couldn’t move, but it was just the relief and letting go of all the stress that I had been carrying around that left me like a ghost.

I don’t think I have ever felt as satisfied with my own accomplishments before. I am very often happy for all I have achieved so far in my life and for the people that I have around me, but that day I really felt like I had mastered something that I had wanted for so long.



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