My views on religion

Day 4

I am not a religious person, but also have not read any religious works and am therefore not against religion or people who believe. Personally I have not been convinced by what I have heard or intrigued by it. I am interested in what happened and would like to know how we came to be where we are. I know that there are many questions answered, but also so many still open, but I believe that one day science will figure it out.

However, I do think that believing could be good. You have something that you stand for and and answer for why things happen as they do. I also think that it could be a real security, but for me it is more of a confusion.

I have been baptized and confirmed Christianly, but I see this more as a tradition. When I chose to be confirmed Christianly I also did this to learn a bit more about Christianity, but even though I learnt a lot, I prefer to not have a very strong opinion about any of this. However I respect and sometimes envy those that have found some comfort in believing..



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