30 days challenge

I have seen all these different 30 days challenges on so many blogs now and thought it might be fun to do one as well, to alternate what I write about a bit and to have a post each day. Now that exams are approaching the days will be getting very boring anyways so then it may be interesting do to this instead. I have seen a lot but have decided on doing this one, as it is more about me and my views than the others which focus on what you have in your purse and your make up routines. 



So I will start now with DAY 1

My current relationship I think most of you know, and that is that I am happily in a relationship. I have been for the past 4 years almost and since I have not written about it so much I thought I would say a bit about how it is now. We had a long distance relationship until this summer, which worked but is off course not ideal. So even though it has been a long time we haven’t seen each other all that much before this year. Now I would say that the relationship is better than ever. We have so much fun together and see each other many times each week. I am in love and am lucky to have a boyfriend who is always there for me and who loves and supports me, and always puts a smile on my face. 



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