The last days

Since I wrote last Sunday several things have happened. On Sunday evening I got a bladder infection, so yesterday I went to the doctor and got some anti-biotics. I was hoping I would never have to go to the doctor here as it is so unknown and I was scared it would be a hassle, but it wasn’t. Marion gave me a number for the medical center at the university and there they had a GP office where I could get in the same day as I called. Now I am on a five day anti-biotics cure and can already notice a huge improvement. 

I have also started playing handball. I started last Tuesday and had a practice again yesterday. It is so much fun to play again, but I can tell that it has been a while since I stopped so I am really relieved that the season doesn’t start till October. I am playing for US Handball. It is a club with mostly students and they have 5 different women’s teams, so something at every level. They also do beach handball which I will be trying out tomorrow! Usually the season starts in the beginning of April but because of the bad spring we have had, it is only now warm enough to start. So excited to try it!! 
Now it is 17 degrees outside and sun so I am about to take a little study break and go for a little walk outside. 



A ray of sun

FINALLY it’s spring! These past days the weather has just got better and better and today was no exception. I spent the whole day at TC Alkmaar after a morning run, and soaked up a slight sunburn while I enjoyed watching some tennis games. Steffen won both of his and overall his team tied 4-4!
Yesterday we also played some midget golf and went for a little walk in the city of Bergen as it was so nice! I also went for a run yesterday. Since I hate running in the cold, rain, wind; pretty much anything but sun, I had to take advantage of the good weather!
Now I’m gonna relax some as tomorrow it’s back to Uni and to studying!



This weekend my parents, youngest sister and her friend have been in Amsterdam. They were here to see Justin Bieber so on Saturday we went to the jb concert, and today we went to Volendam which was a beautiful little city! Have taken lots og photos which I’ll post in a couple of days, but here are some!







Now I am going to bed as it is back to the normal life tomorrow!

A night in Antwerp

Both Sunday to Monday Steffen and I enjoyed some time in Antwerp, where we got to see the city, shop some and have some time to relax together. It was really fun and such a nice city; Definitely going back! We took the train over around midday Sunday and for the rest of that day we just went for dinner and had a couple of drinks at the city square. The next day we got up early and enjoyed a nice hotel breakfast before we headed out for some shopping and just walked and walked to see as much as possible.



Ready, Set, Antwerp

Tomorrow Steffen and I are leaving to Antwerp for a night! We are been talking about just going a way for a day or two for a while now, as Amsterdam is so close to so many fun cities and the trains are so cheap. Since we had two days now, we decided to take the train to Antwerp as it is only 2-3 hours by train and not too big considering how much time we have. So today we sat down and booked train tickets and a hotel, and are ready to leave! Will be really fun with a little spontaneous trip!



For Easter I went to Røldal with my family. It was absolutely amazing with a break to recharge my batteries and to do it while spending quality time with my family in gorgeous surroundings. We went skiing everyday and enjoyed some good dinners and some family time. 


World’s cutest puppy ❤ 







How nice doesn’t this look?