Now I’m on the train to the airport! Cant wait to get home and to go skiing with my family! Wiii!
Today I had my last exam and after I went for a little cafe visit with some friends! Had sunny weather and was actually warm enough to sit witout a jacket ! Love it!



Don’t let the sun fool you

Ah today it is such a lovely day! And sitting by a window I can actually feel it heat! Outside it is still freezing though! Probably just good as I have an exam tomorrow and a spring day would decrease my stuy motivation, A LOT!
Tomorrow after the exam I leave to norway and Thursday morning I go to Røldal to enjoy the easter with my family! Ahh, cant wait!


Since last time..

These past days have passed so quickly and yesterday I had my FAB exam! On Friday I have one in BRM and then I have two more next week before I head back to Norway on Wednesday! Going to Røldal to ski with my family, and can’t wait to go!!
Apart from studying I made fish for the first time, ever! Not very interesting but I was so shocked when I actually liked it that you have to try it! Ill post a link to the recipe later!! However, removing the skin from the salmon was one of the most disgustig things ive ever done! So my want to make it again is not on top! I know you can buy fish without the scales but i couldnt find it anywhere-.-
Yesterday after the exam Fleur cane with me home and we had a nice dinner before we worked some on our group report which is due tomorrow; so much happening!
Today I am gonna study, play tennis and I am also going by my old home to celebrate Aitor’s birthday! So far today I have handed in my bike for reperation because it got a flat tire on Friday! I miss it already as everything is so much easier with a bike!! So can’t wait to pick it up later:)
Now its study time again!





This weekend it is all about FAB as I have my exam on monday! So today I met up with Tatjana and Franzi for some studying at the library! So nice to get out of my room a bit and was fun to have someone to hang out with in the breaks! Now its time to go to bed before tomorrow will be more studying and a morning spinning class!



Last night Steffen and I went for dinner at Abysinthia before we went for a few drinks with some of my friends from my study! Was really fun, and a nice break from all this studying!
Abysinthia is an Ethiopian restaurant located on the Overtoom. The food was served on one big plate and we ate with our hands. I loved how the whole restaurant and the food kept to the African concept! The food also tasted really good and they had some interesting beers as well as coffee from ethiop that was made in front of us.





So much for spring

Well it was nice while it lasted. I cannot even believe that just a week ago it was 15 degrees and sunny. So warm I felt warm biking in a leather jacket. Now I use a big parkas and I am still freezing on top of that bike! Luckily the sun is back today though, in comparison to yesterday when it was really windy and grey! Today I have a test and then tennia practice before I am going to dinner with Steffen at an African reataurant! Really excited for the last part as I have never been to one before. On mondays and tuesdays they have some coffee evening as well where a lady makes traditional coffee in the center of the dining room! Should be really fun!


Me just a week ago! So wish i could wear this today as well but you saw the forecast above, so not gonna happen!


Last night

Last night at Toro Dorado with the girls was so much fun! We had really good food and wine, and just talked and ate for hours! Really fun:)





Today I have just been studying! I just left the room to get groceries and did a little workout, but apart from that I haven’t moved away from my desk. So tired now so it’s time for sleep!