Splurging a bit

Sometimes it is just amazing to have some me time and to splurge out on something really yummy. I have a soft spot for fruits and dark chocolate, and find the combination to die for, so today I made strawberries with chocolate, cut up mango and melted some chocolate to dip it in and made the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted – seriously – it was delicious! After studying for about a total of seven hours, these treats and a movie are exactly what I deserve! So now I am tucked up in pillows and blankets on my carpet, watching the Help. Don’t have space for a sofa, and the desk did not seem very comfortable, was told not to eat in bed.. and that has staid with me (would hate to have chocolate all over my bed), so floor it is! It is surprisingly cozy, and I have my bed to lean on so it feels like one huuge sofa. 


Over to the hot chocolate. This was a gift that I got from my grandma for my 19th birthday, and is a recipe and the chocolate needed from Sjokoladepiken (the chocolate girl). I did not make the whole bag, but just enough for one cup! Perfect, cause now I can enjoy it again another day! It was so easy to make! Just had to boil up milk, and add some of the chocolate and some vanilla seeds (which were also included in the packet I got). So to anyone in the Stavanger area! You have to try it! Image



In addition to all the chocolate and fruits, I also felt the need to get myself some roses this afternoon when I was doing groceries. I saw these on sale at Albert Heijn and they were only 1.20€. Seriously, that’s like 8 kroners! Ahhh<3 So now I have beautiful roses on my dining table!




Now I am going to finish the movie and go to bed. Up early (would have said late last year) to go to University. 




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