It’s on again

This week is another exam week and tomorrow I have two exams! Cannot wait to be done with the exams! These past days most of my room mates have also left and now only 50% are left. Tonight and tomorrow two more will leave so it is really getting empty. I’m amazed at how quiet it can be, but it’s really sad that so many people are leaving! I have gotten to know my room mates very well and will miss them all!





A trip to the Pijp


Here are some pictures from yesterday’s trip to the Pijp. Today I wil most likely be going out with my roommates as it is most of them’s last weekend night here today! Most will be gone by Wednesday! So sad.. So far today I have been to spinning, done lots of studying and we had a funeral for our pet, the Superkartoffel (a potato that some of my room mates really loved :P).ImageImageImageImage

Yellow tuesday!

On tuesday I went to the faculty party at Chicago social club. I first ha dinner and predrinks with some friends from my course, so much fun!
Yesterday we had a farewell party for my room mates and today Tati and I went for a trip to the pijp! So nice! Ill post pictees from today tomorrow:) here are some from the yellow party!



A little bit of Stavanger

On thursday I decided I wanted to go home for the weekend so I booked a ticket with my dad and surprised the rest of the family. It was so nice to be home but I feel like te weekend passed oh so very quickly. There was something happening the whole time and I had a blast. I didnt have time to see a lot of friends but I had a lot of quality time with my family. The lakes were all ice so we went ice skating on Saturday. Such a besutiful day with blue sky and frozen waters. Today there was supposed to be a snow storm in Amsterdam so my flight was 2 hours delayed from Sola and many flights were cancelled. Now I have finally made it into bed after a late dinner.







Winter time

Now winter had settled in for full. It is getting really cold and snow is covering the grounds. Hopefully it will be just as nice tomorrow so i can take some nice pictures in the daylight! Now I am off to watch Steffen play tennis!
The past days I have felt a bit sick and so have not done anythin but lay around in my bed, so there has not been much to update about.




On the 8th of january it was my birthday and I had so much fun. I am celebrating it today so on tuesday I only went for a dinner with Steffen and my room mates had made me a really sweet surprise. Tatjana also came over for a little while which was really nice!




Happy birthday dad!

Yesterday (6th january) it was my fathers birthday! We woke him up with presentd this morning before we went to my sisters hndball game which was followed by a noce visit from his sister and her family. After this I left to Amsterdam which is why I have not had the time to write this before now! I hope he had an amazing day today! He is a fanastic dad and I am so glad to have him in my life!

Mamma and pappa ❤