2012 has been a year filled with so many memories and events. Looking back through my pictures made me realize just how much actually has happened since 1st January 2012. 


I turned 18!!

IMG_7779  IMG_2570

Hannah moved back to Australia! Miss her!

IMG_2806 IMG_2888
We finally got some snow in rainy Stavanger and went for a little skiing with Tassen.
IMG_7870 IMG_7873
I was supposed to go to an Avicii concert with Karen, Astrid and Karoline, but it was cancelled so instead we had a girls trip to Oslo.
-My family went to Rjukan with the Kanton and the Mclarney family, where we rented a huge cabin and skied more or less every day.
IMG_7881 IMG_7896 IMG_7921 IMG_7954
427090_10151404459030160_1672679373_n 531298_10151593095740160_401706130_n
– I visited Steffen in Holland and went to look at the universities I had applied to.
– A lot of time was spent studying for my exams that were coming up in May.
IMG_7825 IMG_7838
– Aman, Astrid and I went to Agape to try on dresses chosen by Kathrine Sørland
– This month also consisted of a lot of studying.
– In the end of April the Russetid started and we spent some time getting “knots”.
– Exams started
– LANDSTREFFET 2012 (only went one day because of my math exams on Monday morning)
-After my one day at the Landstreff I got very sick and was driven to and from every exam by my mom and the time I planned to study became sleeping time, so exams passed really quickly.
-16th May Viking game, followed by a little bar visit with Astrid.
-17th of May! National day! Here I took part in the RUSS parade.
– May 21st. The day I had my last exam. Such a relief! We had our graduation dinner followed by a night out.
– Karen, Astrid, Mari, Karoline and I went to Playa del Ingles. It was such an amazing vacation. After all the exams earlier in the month we spent the vacation relaxing on the beach, partying a bit and went on a dolphin safari.
P1090359 P1090366 P1090406 P1090410 P1090413 P1090421 P1090456 P1090461 IMG_8075 P1090494 P1090501 IMG_2032
– I started working for Proserv
– We had a few warm days which were spent tanning and driving around with my roof open.
IMG_2406 IMG_2410
– Family vacation to Florida
We went to Disney World which it was great to see, but the lines were so long for everything which made it a bit boring. 
DSCF1699 IMG_8190 IMG_8244 IMG_8354 IMG_8359
Pappa, Ida and I went to a Rodeo while Mamma stayed home with a sick Nora.
IMG_8370 IMG_8389 IMG_8397 IMG_8422
-I was still in Florida with my family
We went to Universal studios and Island of Adventure. This was much more fun than Disney World as the rides were way better.
DSCF1787 DSCF1805 DSCF1842 DSCF1878_2 DSCF1913 Raw00031
We went to Sea World and Hard Rock Cafe with some neighbors from home. However, while we were in Sea World the weather was terrible so the dolphin shows etc were closed after 10 minutes. 
DSCF1922 DSCF1960 DSCF1997
We also drove down to Miami where we met family friends from Dubai as well as some of their friends. 
-We went to New York
IMG_6150 IMG_6157 IMG_6168 IMG_6226 IMG_6227 IMG_6280 IMG_6287
– I got to know that I passed IB
– We went home and I continued working for Proserv.
IMG_2364 IMG_2362
-Steffen and I went for a weekend road trip in South of Norway.
– Ida and Martha were horseback riding.
– I went to Prekestolen with Karen
IMG_2477 IMG_2473
-I stopped working for Proserv and started packing to move to Amsterdam
IMG_2412 IMG_2466
– I went on a cabin trip with my family
IMG_2420 IMG_2418 IMG_2450 IMG_2456
-I moved to Amsterdam.
Introduction week
580110_10151030080087321_1888243870_n 418896_10151049960622321_1973614475_n
– I got a room at Uilenstede and a bike.
IMG_0078 IMG_8875
-I went to Davids Cup with Steffen and Einar
IMG_0213 IMG_0211
– Mamma and Pappa came to visit me in Amsterdam
IMG_0104 IMG_0111
– I went to the Masquerade Ball
IMG_0153 IMG_0169 IMG_0167
-We went to the pirate party
-Sunniva turned 18!!
-We had a surprise party for Lea
-My family came to visit me in Amsterdam
IMG_8897 IMG_8906 IMG_9023_2 IMG_9045_2 IMG_9062_2 IMG_9073_2
-We got a new dog, Ronja
-I went back to Stavanger for a weekend.
-We had a Halloween party in my compound.
IMG_0646 IMG_0635
-Sunniva came to visit me in Amsterdam 😀
– Tassen passed away.
-I went back home to Norway for a weekend.
-Pappa came to visit me in Amsterdam
-Mamma had made me a christmas calendar. IMG_0861
-I started decorating my room for christmas
IMG_0872 IMG_0976
IMG_0867 IMG_0965
-We had a few days of snow in Amsterdam
IMG_0954 IMG_0955
-Christmas dinner with my roommates
-I went to the light parade in Amsterdam
IMG_1032 IMG_1061 IMG_1052
-I went to Steffen’s University’s christmas Galla
-I went home from christmas
Christmas eve
IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1160 IMG_1164
Christmas day
DSC_0085 DSC_0115 DSC_0128 DSC_0155 DSC_0251 702387_475151209190496_553211689_n
Secret Santa with St. Olav girls
DSC_0317 DSC_0310
Ida played at the Kåsen Romjulsturnering
DSC_0329 DSC_0337 DSC_0363 NMS_0365 DSC_0395 DSC_0405

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