Gosh, I cannot believe how clumsy and stupid I have been these past days! New things just keep poping up and I cannot believe I managed to do them. The worst was offcourse when I stood outside my block on Sunday evening and realised I most likely had left my key somewhere. After my roommates opened the door so I could continue looking for my key in the kitchen I emptied my bags multuple times and eventually had to accept that I did not have them.
I was hoping I had just left them at Steffen’s before I left to Stavanger for the weekend but when he couldn’t find them either I called Nora who luckily found them in Stavanger. At least I hadn’t lost them and now they are on their way back here! I spent the night at Steffen’s and after university today went to pick up a key so I could get my balcony key from the inside of my room. Once I got in I decided to set up the licence I needed for my dutch course which started today but my computer was out of battery and my charger gone. In the end Steffen found it at his and I got to borrow one from my room mate but come on Sanna! Time to step it up and start focusing again.

Lea helped me break into my kitchen box so I could get some food and now I am ready to hit the pillow! Had my first Dutch course today and really glad I decided to do it! Was very effective and the teacher was good!

As mentioned I went home this weekend which was amazing! Got to spend lots of time with my sweet little sisters and also saw a lot of friends! So happy that I have people in Norway who come see me every time I am home! It’s the same people every time I go home and they really have shown me what good friends they are! Really aporeciate having them in my life!

Below are some pictures from the weekend and these clumsy days:)

Enjoying a latte and chocolate chip cookie at Schiphol before I met my parents and some family friends!

The best hams in the world!


Finally i have some spread for the bread I bought!


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