White christmas

Now it is soon christmas time! I cannot wait to go home and celebrate christmas with my family! To get into the christmas mood a bit more I have decorated a tiny bit in my room! I am still hoping to find a few more cute christmas decorations but cannot find the perfect ones! However, these things I have now I love! So cute!


Got the angel pillow from my mom when I was at home this weekend! Lovely!

Today my dad is stopping by Amsterdam on his way home from Italy so we are going out to eat dinner! Cannot wait!



Lately I have become obsessed with looking at different Do-it-yourself projects on pinterest. Some of the things just look so nice and seem so simple and cheap! So if I ever find some more space to fill in my room I will try to do some DIY projects!

















Gosh, I cannot believe how clumsy and stupid I have been these past days! New things just keep poping up and I cannot believe I managed to do them. The worst was offcourse when I stood outside my block on Sunday evening and realised I most likely had left my key somewhere. After my roommates opened the door so I could continue looking for my key in the kitchen I emptied my bags multuple times and eventually had to accept that I did not have them.
I was hoping I had just left them at Steffen’s before I left to Stavanger for the weekend but when he couldn’t find them either I called Nora who luckily found them in Stavanger. At least I hadn’t lost them and now they are on their way back here! I spent the night at Steffen’s and after university today went to pick up a key so I could get my balcony key from the inside of my room. Once I got in I decided to set up the licence I needed for my dutch course which started today but my computer was out of battery and my charger gone. In the end Steffen found it at his and I got to borrow one from my room mate but come on Sanna! Time to step it up and start focusing again.

Lea helped me break into my kitchen box so I could get some food and now I am ready to hit the pillow! Had my first Dutch course today and really glad I decided to do it! Was very effective and the teacher was good!

As mentioned I went home this weekend which was amazing! Got to spend lots of time with my sweet little sisters and also saw a lot of friends! So happy that I have people in Norway who come see me every time I am home! It’s the same people every time I go home and they really have shown me what good friends they are! Really aporeciate having them in my life!

Below are some pictures from the weekend and these clumsy days:)

Enjoying a latte and chocolate chip cookie at Schiphol before I met my parents and some family friends!

The best hams in the world!


Finally i have some spread for the bread I bought!



Right now I am enjoying a vanilla late and chocolate chip cookie before my flight to stavanger. I was really early to the airport today, but since I usually come 5 minutes before boarding starts it is a bit nice to jut walk around and look:)

Stavanger next

Tomorrow I will be going home to Stavanger for the weekend! Will be so nice to be home a bit. Unfortunately my parents are going to Barcelona so I cannot see them:-( but will also be nice with some sister time! Been way to long since we spent time together, just us three!
Now I am reading some blogs before it is off to bed! I will get better at updating in the times to come, just haven’t taken any photographs and then I cannot be bothered to update as I personally think only text can be a bit boring! Agree?

Old photo<3



This weekend has been absolutely amazing! My best friend Sunniva came to visit me and we have had such a blast together! We have been shopping so much so now I am almost done with all my christmas presents! We’ve also gone out to eat at Hard Rock and Toro Dorado which was delicious, and I showed Sunniva some of the city while biking around! Now she is on her way home and I am digging into my books which have gathered some dust this weekend, but it was worth it. No doubt! I am so glad Sunniva could come visit me!










Tomorrow Sunniva is finally coming! Ahhh, I cannot wait! This weekend is going to be so much fun. Really miss her and cannot wait to get some time with her again 🙂 
Therefore I have cleaned my room and done a lot of studying today! So now my room is ready for a visit 😀 
Now I am going to have a relaxing evening, so I am 100% ready for a fully booked weekend 🙂



Pretty in color

Today has been so nice and relaxing! Have just been studying, relaxing and went for a nice long walk with steffen in the forrest! The forrest looked so nice with the colorful trees! Now I have just had a delicious dinner and desert and its football game time(Hill Climb for me).
The office that I was supposed to go to was not open today so I will have to fix things another day!

Look how beautiful:





I also downloaded SnapChat today!




This weekend I am in Bergen with Steffen and his family! Had some delicious dinner and now we are realxing some by the tv! Tomorrow I have to fix some papers and hand in my birth certificate!