Counting down the hours

Now it is just a few hours till my family come! I cannot wait to see them again! Since they are not landing till 19.15 I am spending the day studying so that I can spend some more time with them when they come! Also made it to the gym and cleaned my room so far so its being a productive day! My family will be here for 6 days so I can see them a lot 😀
On Thursday we held a surprise party for Lea, one of my room mates. We made tacos and had a mexican evening before we went to the city to find a nice cocktail bar. We went to NJOY where they had the most delicious cocktails. However, they were relatively expensive so we just got one each and then headed back home.

Yesterday I went with Steffen to his family’s in Bergen, and just relaxed and studied!



Taco preparations



at enjoy



This seriously tasted just like desert. 



Saw this tea a few days ago and just had to try it. It has the most amazing, sweet smell!



I have also bought a few jeans (A) Guess I don’t have to shop a lot more in the times to come. 

Studying and apple cake treat at Steffen’s. Such a delicious apple cake!





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