Right now I am  almost ready to go to Café Uilenstede with Tatjana, Timmy and Steffen for dinner! I have just vacuumed my room and done all the exercises that have to be done for tomorrows lessons so I am going to treat myself to the BYOB ( Build your own Burger). It is so delicious and I never make burgers or anything like that myself. I have also had a Private Trainer lesson with Tatjana today, where we got our BMI, Fat percentage, endurance, etc tested, and a program made to follow for the next month. I hope to be able to do the program at least three times a week, and hope to see some changes. Even if i can just do one kilo heavier on the exercises. Just want to see that all the hard work is getting me somewhere 🙂

Me today. Jeans from zara, blazer from Mango, Tanktop from Abercrombie.

Btw. I got new bed covers! Or actually it is just sheets with a thin summer dewy inside. I just loved them so much and I have been looking for bed covers for so long and not been able to find any that I like. Since they are covers there was also a pillow cover which is decorating my chair, but I’ll show all of this tomorrow. Together with the lovely magnet board my parents got me.




Weekend in Norway

I have had an amazing time back home! Been so nice to get a lot of time with my family, and to sleep in my own bed and just walk around in my home. I have also been so lucky that I have gotten to spend a lot of time with some great friends! Sunniva I have seen pretty much every day! Aggi I went shopping with on Saturday and then Sunniva and I met her amd some of her friends in the evening again! And today Alexandra came to visit me, before Sunniva came over for a little while in the evening again! I have also had all my grandparents over. I am so gøad and thankful that all these people had the chance to come meet me! They have made my weekend so much fun and I will miss all of them so much when I go back tomorrow!! I have also spent a lot of time with my wonderful parents and sisters who I love so much! Glad I had the chance to go home and spend so much time with them!




Ronja, the new dog! Such a sweet heart

Knitting a head band

Todays dinner: pinnekjøtt and komle, my absolute favorite



It is so nice to be back home! Have seen Sunniva for some hours as well as my family! So much fun! Now I am just relaxing at home with my family, and later my grandparents are comming over for dinner! Can’t wait:)
It is freezing cold here! Been snowing on and off all day and is about 1 degrees celcius! So I have to dress warm!






Finally I am done with my exams for this period! Have gotten the results for two and passed both og those, but the exam I had today was a lot harder so I have no idea how that went! After finally being done I grabbe all my things that I need for my early flight home tomorrow(landing at 11.10 already), and went to Steffen’s.
Right now I am stuffing my face with the chocolate Santa that I got from Steffen for being done with the exams and looking forward to going home tomorrow!
Can’t believe how much chistmassy candies etc they have in the stores already here! So much peppernots and chocolate letters and figures!





Colours of autumn

As a break from studying I went for a nice walk around the Uilenstede area! It is really starting to look like autumn here now! And with the canals, the trees overlooking them and the colourful leaves it looks really beautiful!






This last picture is of the path to where i live! It is so crowded with leaves!


One down, two to go!

Ahh! Joy! I passed my first exam:-D

I am so relieved that we got the results immediately as I can now use the success of this exam as motivation for the next two. Also, its nice to know that atleast one is passed! Today we had our Marketing Management exam and it was on the computers so we immediately got our results! We have not been assigned grades yet but were told how many we needed correct to pass.
After the exam I rested for about two hours with a little nap and some food and now I am studying for Introduction IBA which we have on Wednesday! I cannot wait to just get it all over with. So having done one is such a nice feeling!
Later I will go to pilates for a study break but now its IIBA time!




This post was prewritten yesterday since I am just cramming for tomorrows exam right now. Hopefully.

Since my days are so boring I thought I could share some pictures of the collections I have made on I am called sanna-i on polyvore incase you want to follow me! 🙂 I spent a lot of time making these during the summer, but now I have not had the time to. is really fun to play around on as you can take part in competitions and just try some different things together for some inspiration.







Same old, Same old

Since all I do is study form I wake up till I go to bed this weekend there is not really any interesting to write about and nothing that happens in my day. Today, I got up at 8 and studied till I went to spinning at 11.30. I then ate and have studied until now. Now I am really bored of studying so think I will go for a walk or bike ride as my head cannot learn anything at this state. So yeah, not very interesting.

I have my first exam on Monday, then one Wednesday and one Thursday before I fly home to Stavanger on Friday! Cannot wait to come home and see everyone!

My best friends the past days. And don’t ask what happened to my eye. Nice


Full of joy, but a rather boring day

Today has consisted mostly off studying. I started at 10.30 this morning and when I could no longer concentrate at 13.00 I went to Steffen’s where I more or less studied till now, and am still planning on studying for an hour more at least. Apart from stuying I had an amazing call with Sunniva, where he booked her ticket to come visit me! The highlight of the day! No doubt! She will come on the 15th of November and I cannot wait! Will be so fun! I also got a call from my mom and Ida! Was really nice to hear from them!! Lastly, Steffen came home with all the ingredients for tacos so we had a delicious well deserved dinner! Tacos is, apart from pinnekjøtt, my favorite food, I think! So it was perfect for a more or less dull day!

Made my own summary of the book. Glad I now only have to read a small fraction of the amount the next days!

I am not the only one studying.

Now I have a book waiting for me!