Intense Bal Masquè

Last night I went to the Intense Bal Masquè at Westerunie in Masterdam! It was a party arranged by aureus which is the student organisation for my faculty! There were a lot of people and the club looked really cool! Since it said Bal, Tatjana, Marije and me met at Tatjanas and got ready! However, not that many people were really dressed up. Woops! Anyways, I had a blast! The night was really fun and I am really starting to like Amsterdam!














Today I have spent a lot of time at the University and studying in my room. I have had a lot of studying to catch up with after the weekend where I did not study so much! Got pretty tired and decided to go to one of the classes at the gym. Was really tough! Been a good day despite the boring content, but would have been nice if my parents could have stayed a bit longer!




Amazing weekend

It has been so wonderful to see my parents again! Sad to say bye to them again but really cannot wait for the autumn break when they will bring my sisters and come back again 😀 miss them!
This weekend has been spent fixing my room and just spending time with my parents.

Yesterday we went to IKEA and bought some more furniture and things that I needed. My parents had also brought a lot of more of my things from Norway. We then spent some hours in the sun while putting together the IKEA furniture. Or at least my dad did. My mom and I started with the unpacking and tidied. We then went out for a dinner with Steffen which was really cozy and fun! The food was good and I had the best time with my parents and boy friend. Today my parents came and we put up the rest of the furniture and tidied it all. I am so happy with the result of my room! We also went for a long walk in Amsterdam and to have some tapas.

Tomorrow it is time to start another week at university. I am still really excited to go and am enjoying the lectures so far. However, the reading has got me pretty tired and I am not looking forward to catching up on some of the reading that I should have done this week-end.


Picking up stuff at IKEA. We ordered a big taxi and told them all we had, but got a normal one. However, we got my dad and all the stuff into one and my mom and I took another. Never thought we would have managed to fit it all.


Pappa pretty tired and warm from all the work.


Mamma out in the sun


A cozy street in Amsterdam


Such a cute car! Love it




The result of my room 🙂 Cannot believe how lucky I am to have so many people around me who help me out! Indescribably grateful!




Today I finally got to see mu parents again! Have missed everyone back home so it was amazing to get to see them some! They came here to Uilenstede with all the stuff that they brought (3 suitcases), so tomorrow IKEA is on the menu for some more storage place. We then had lunch at the Cafè Uilenstede, which is the student cafe here, before heading to the center of Amsterdam where we walked from the Dam to Leidseplein so my parents could see some of the city. At Leidseplein we ate a really good dinner. Amazing to not have to make my own dinner, in a crowded kitchen. Even though I have finally started adapting to the sharing I am getting bored with sharing everything. My sweet grandparents had also sent a nice gift with my parents so Thank you so much for that Mormor and Morfar ❤ In addition my mom got me the nicest winter jacket at Zara. I love it!
Now I am back in my room to go to bed. However, there is a party in the kitchen so guess I will just have to relax in bed until the sound eases. That’s a bad thing about living with so many others.

Tried sending this picture to my sister but I couldn’t so hopefully she will see it here.

The castle

The gift from my lovely grandparents

My new winter jacket ❤ So warm and pretty


Amsterdam by bike

Today I went into the center of Amsterdam with Tatjana and two of her friends. We biked there and they applied for some jobs. Then Tatjana and I went to buy some masks for a masquerade ball that will be here in a weeks time! It is great to bike around here! Get to see so much more and really explore the city! I feel like I could bike to the center now without a map, so the biking is paying off. When we got back we made dinner and now I am going to study some. Earlier today was also spent studying. There is so much to do.
I don’t have any lectures till 13:30 tomorrow, but since Steffen was so nice as to go get the books I need for me from his friend in Alkmaar I am going to meet him by where he studies at 10:35 so I have to get up pretty early.

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Some photos from the Dam square


BBQ at vondelpark

Since the weather was so great I went for a BBQ in the park this evening. Steffen and I were invited there by Sølvi and Frank, and had a great time! We grilled hamburgers and chicken skewers which were both really good! 



Tomorrow I have no lectures so I can use the day to catch up on some studying. I am also going to the centre with Tatjana to fix some things. 


Also just had to share some pictures of all the bikes parked outside of the university earlier! It is like this every day! And this is just 1/3 or the bikes. Maximum. Maybe even less.


ImagePretty insane.




A sense of Summer

Here there is still a sense of summer! Today it is supposed to be 21°C and sunny! And it feels and looks like it is! Since the weather is so nice I could actually leave home at 8.30 this morning in just a shirt and pants! Don’t think I would be doing that back home in Stavanger at this time.

This morning I had a math test at 09:00 to see how much I know from before. However, the system was not collaborating so they said we could just leave and retake it another time. I had no more attempts to improve my grade by that time, as every time I got far the test would stop working and I would have to start all over. Since I was not supposed to have any lectures till 15:30 today. I went home so I could read some more of the chapters and prepare some for today’s lecture. I never got through all 6 chapters so will have to finish that on my day off tomorrow. There is so much to read.

Soon I am meeting Tatjana and we are going back to VU. It is still some time before the lecture starts but since the weather is so amazing, we decided to go back a bit early and just sit outside there. Hopefully we will meet some IBA people 🙂

ImageMe, ready to bike to the university.


Getting bored from waiting 30 minutes for boiling an egg. The stoves etc here are not of the best quality.

ImageMy flowers<3




my little garden. Its public but I still have not seen anyone here yet so that is nice! makes the room feel a little bigger!Image

When I have not been studying, cleaning, exploring the city or meeting new people, my time has been occupied by 100 floors and Sex and the City, too bad I finished the 100 floors 😦



Services Management

Right now I am sitting in my good chair getting ready to start studying. I have to read 6 chapters to prepare for tomorrows lecture. So I have enough to do. The first day at university went fine! I had some interesting lectures and time passed by pretty quickly. I also got to know a girl called Tatjana who I had dinner with today. So that’s fun! The work load is more than I thought. We have so much to read. So I guess I should really get started soon!

Reading, reading, and reading 😉

So far I have only bought this book: Services Management. I will buy the rest second-hand on Wednesday.





The time has come

I cannot believe that I will be starting my study tomorrow, already! When I arrived in Amsterdam two weeks ago it seemed so far away, I had so much to do, so much time to do it, and so much time to get acquainted with the city. These two weeks, however, jus flew by. Now I have less than 12 hours before my life as a student begins! I am pretty excited and  a bit nervous. Mostly excited though, for now! Tomorrow I have two lectures. Firstly I have one on Marketing and Marketing management at 09:00, followed by one on Introduction to International Business at 11:00. Since this all hit me so fast, I had not even gotten a notepad before today. Luckily the stores were still open. That feeling of having all the time in the world suddenly disappeared. I spent two hours preparing for the lectures tomorrow and now I am on my way to bed. That early morning tomorrow will be hard. Luckily its my only early morning all week. For the next two weeks I only have lectures on monday, Tuesday and thursday! So there will be lots of time to study and to get to know people! In two weeks we get to know when we will be having mathematics, so that might change my schedule a bit.

My last weekend of vacation was spent first in Bergen with Steffen. We were both free on Friday as seeing as I had to bring my bike to Amsterdam I decided to go over there. The evening was spent relaxing, which was really nice after so much going on these past days. The next morning I packed my stuff and luckily got driven to the train station. In addition to my bike I had a bag with more of my stuff in and a purse with my laptop in (so pretty big as well). I was supposed to bike from Central Station but after realizing how heavy it actually was to drag everything up and down the stairs in the station I could not be bothered, and jumped on a metro. It took way less time, and anyways, I was going to be biking in the evening. That evening I went to dinner with many of the Scandinavians here. We had a great time! Today I went with Mette and Sissel on a bike ride to an island right outside of the city. It was not really an island I think but looks like it on the map. It was really beautiful, and took 1 hour to bike each way. So when I got back I was pretty exhausted. The rest of the day has consisted of Sex and the City and getting to know my room mates better, who all seem really nice!

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Here you can see my bike (as requested by Nora), the bag I carried around for some hours, and my new mosquito bites. Felt pretty sorry for myself when I woke up with them. Especially since they are still here and their size makes them pretty hard to cover up. Not like a little pimple. But jaja, too bad ! hahah