I thought it was about time I write something about where I have gotten a room. My room is in Uilenstede which is a student housing campus, mostly for students at the VU. I am living in a building with 14 others, whom I share kitchen with. I share bathroom with two only which is very nice. The kitchen can sometimes get really dirty, but I am lucky as the people I share with a relatively clean. However, we now have mice which I think is really disgusting! Today I decided to take some photos of the campus so that you can all see what it looks like here . Uilenstede is situated in Amstelveen, right on the border to Amsterdam and is only a five minute bike ride from my university and about a 20 minute bike ride from Amsterdam center. So it is really nicely situated as I don’t have to travel far to the university and it is easy and quick to get in to the city.

My building

The green area right outside my building

To the right of my building. On the left of this photo is the sports centre.

Another green area where we can bbq in the summers and relax.

The grocery store and culture centre .

Café Uilenstede


Main entrance.



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