Today I got up really early for university. After some hours there I biked to the center of Amsterdam to fix some practical matters and to get a birthday present for my best friend, Sunniva, who turns 18 on Monday. I also did a little shopping for myself and found a gift for Sunniva that I really hope she will like! On my way back the weather turned completely around, and it was raining non-stop. There was also such a heavy wind that I had to paddle as hard as possible to get down the only hill there was on my way home. This country really is flat. The only hills are the bridges over the canals.

Not being in the mood to make dinner today I asked Steffen if he wanted to join me to the café here, which he did. Was really nice with a good hamburger 🙂 I then showed him how to play pool before we both went our separate ways to study and work out. I went to pilate s which was weird. I feel so exhausted and it was really tiring, but I did not get warm or sweaty at all.

I have not taken any pictures so here are some of my lovely sisters and me this summer. Cannot wait to see them in under 2 weeks.

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