The handball practice last night was not really a success. It was not what I was looking for at all. The level was much lower than I though, the age group was very different and they did not even use “klister”, so I had some problems throwing the ball properly. Haha! Maybe I’ll try tennis or something different instead. Going to the gym anyways which I like so not a big problem.

Last night after handball I went to Steffen’s. I had decided to study there today as I had the day of uni and he didn’t so there would be no distractions and it would be a lot more quiet that it is here at Uilenstede. And it worked. I got so much done today, and can now watch some sex and the city with a good feeling. I also went to the gym with Tatjana so it has been a very good and effective day.

I don’t have any photos so here are some that have not yet been posted.



Louise, Bene, Me at the UilenFeestImage

Steffen and me at the airport to say bye to Sølvi and Frank.




Now it is Sex and the City time!


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