Kitchen chaos

Today I decided to go into the kitchen and make dinner when I heard some people were in there. It was about 19:30 and I had been studying non stop since 15:00 so I was hungry and tired. From the noises it sounded like there were maybe five others in there, but when I came in I realized that there were at least 10. Since the kitchen is really small this can be very chaotic. Especially when everyone is making dinner and need to use of the two stoves that are there. We were constantly bumping into each other and always in the way for one another. Like one of them said, it was complete kitchen chaos. In addition even more people started appearing after a while. I prefer to go in while the others are eating or right before so I can have a social dinner but not all the stress that there is when 10-16 people have to share a kitchen. And it is not a big kitchen. When I finished my tacos I could enjoy all the people there though, so it was a fun dinner just a terrible preparation.

Apart from studying today I went with Steffen to the airport to say bye to Sølvi. She is leaving to Australia for 3 months with her  boyfriend, Frank, so I hope they have an amazing time. Sounds so much fun what they are going to do! They are renting a camper and driving around! Will get to experience so much, and I cannot wait to see pictures and hear about it. So exciting! I have also made a little collage cause I was really fed up with the plain white walls. It is a slight mess cause I only have a few photos and they are all really old but I will improve it with time! Love having some photos around from the past though 🙂

Last night I biked over to Steffen’s as he took over his sisters apartment! He also got his driver’s licence ( :D) so I had to go congratulate my happy boyfriend! I biked to long along one road though and forgot to turn left. So where it should have been 100m to his apartment I went in the opposite direction for 10 minutes. Was not in the best mood when I realized and had to bike back. So hungry and sweaty, but it is a great way to get to know the city better. You learn from you mistakes!

Tomorrow I am going to watch the Netherlands against Switzerland in tennis, where Roger Ferderer is playing. It should be really fun! After that I am going to Steffen’s family’s house to spend the night as we are going to watch AZ play (football) on sunday! Apart from that the rest of my weekend will also just consist of studying. There is so much to do. Have my first proper assignment due Monday morning, so that is what I spent 5 hours doing today.

I am really starting to enjoy my life in the Netherlands. There are some challenges and I miss my family and friends in Norway a lot, but I feel like this experience is making me grow as a person. I have learnt to be much more independent, even though I have an amazing boyfriend and his family who have been an immense help, in addition to the help from my parents back home! I have to do all the cleaning myself, all the cooking, the groceries, and there is not always someone here to take care of me. Some nights ago I thought there was a spider over my bed. If I would have been home I would most likely just have screamed, but I was all alone. When Steffen has been here I have made him take care of them little bastards but he was not there either. After preparing myself mentally a bit and complaining to Steffen I decided to try to kill it. That is when I realized it was just a mosquito and went back to bed. It is not such a big thing but it is a huge change from before. I have also killed to spiders in my bed. How disgusting isn’t that?!?!? but still spending the night here! Also, being here I have to get everywhere on my own. There are no parents to come pick me up at night! Despite these changes I am really enjoying my life here. The only thing I don’t enjoy is the spiders. Fixing everything on my own I like. It is about time. And I feel like I am growing up. People here are also very nice and both my room mates and the people in my courses are really fun! I have gotten to know some people in my course which is great! I have made some good friends and I am constantly making more 🙂 So till now I LOVE IT!

Wore my new favorite jacket today and yesterday, but it will be going back into the closet again. Even though there is some rain every now and then and the 20’s have reduced, this jacket is just way too warm! It will be perfect for winter though! Cannot wait 😉

The collage! A bit messy but nice with something really personal in the room!

Also, I hope my little sister is doing better! She played a football game last night, and even though she won the head duel, she was pretty unlucky with the result. Get better Nora!

Now it is time for me to watch some sex and the city!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen chaos

  1. Nå som hevelsen går ned ser det nok ut som den er brukket også. Satser på å få svar fra legen i neste uke. Men hun tar det med godt humør, så……..

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