Amazing weekend

It has been so wonderful to see my parents again! Sad to say bye to them again but really cannot wait for the autumn break when they will bring my sisters and come back again 😀 miss them!
This weekend has been spent fixing my room and just spending time with my parents.

Yesterday we went to IKEA and bought some more furniture and things that I needed. My parents had also brought a lot of more of my things from Norway. We then spent some hours in the sun while putting together the IKEA furniture. Or at least my dad did. My mom and I started with the unpacking and tidied. We then went out for a dinner with Steffen which was really cozy and fun! The food was good and I had the best time with my parents and boy friend. Today my parents came and we put up the rest of the furniture and tidied it all. I am so happy with the result of my room! We also went for a long walk in Amsterdam and to have some tapas.

Tomorrow it is time to start another week at university. I am still really excited to go and am enjoying the lectures so far. However, the reading has got me pretty tired and I am not looking forward to catching up on some of the reading that I should have done this week-end.


Picking up stuff at IKEA. We ordered a big taxi and told them all we had, but got a normal one. However, we got my dad and all the stuff into one and my mom and I took another. Never thought we would have managed to fit it all.


Pappa pretty tired and warm from all the work.


Mamma out in the sun


A cozy street in Amsterdam


Such a cute car! Love it




The result of my room 🙂 Cannot believe how lucky I am to have so many people around me who help me out! Indescribably grateful!




8 thoughts on “Amazing weekend

  1. Wow you are lucky with your parents! Lovely room, is this Amsterdam or Amstelveen? And your car the pink one? Can’t wait to see all of you again as well so we will do our best to visit you in October when whole family is there :-). Good luck!

    • Yes I am! Thank you so much, the room is in Amstelveen but right on the border to Amsterdam. I wish it was my car, but it is not. Hehhe! Is everything good in Belgium?
      Hope to see you in October! Say hi to everyone!

  2. Så fint du har fått det Sanna 😀 godt å lese att du trives .
    Så jo riktig koselig ut med de “gamle” på besøk ;D

    Ønsker deg ei super helg
    Klem JS

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