The time has come

I cannot believe that I will be starting my study tomorrow, already! When I arrived in Amsterdam two weeks ago it seemed so far away, I had so much to do, so much time to do it, and so much time to get acquainted with the city. These two weeks, however, jus flew by. Now I have less than 12 hours before my life as a student begins! I am pretty excited and  a bit nervous. Mostly excited though, for now! Tomorrow I have two lectures. Firstly I have one on Marketing and Marketing management at 09:00, followed by one on Introduction to International Business at 11:00. Since this all hit me so fast, I had not even gotten a notepad before today. Luckily the stores were still open. That feeling of having all the time in the world suddenly disappeared. I spent two hours preparing for the lectures tomorrow and now I am on my way to bed. That early morning tomorrow will be hard. Luckily its my only early morning all week. For the next two weeks I only have lectures on monday, Tuesday and thursday! So there will be lots of time to study and to get to know people! In two weeks we get to know when we will be having mathematics, so that might change my schedule a bit.

My last weekend of vacation was spent first in Bergen with Steffen. We were both free on Friday as seeing as I had to bring my bike to Amsterdam I decided to go over there. The evening was spent relaxing, which was really nice after so much going on these past days. The next morning I packed my stuff and luckily got driven to the train station. In addition to my bike I had a bag with more of my stuff in and a purse with my laptop in (so pretty big as well). I was supposed to bike from Central Station but after realizing how heavy it actually was to drag everything up and down the stairs in the station I could not be bothered, and jumped on a metro. It took way less time, and anyways, I was going to be biking in the evening. That evening I went to dinner with many of the Scandinavians here. We had a great time! Today I went with Mette and Sissel on a bike ride to an island right outside of the city. It was not really an island I think but looks like it on the map. It was really beautiful, and took 1 hour to bike each way. So when I got back I was pretty exhausted. The rest of the day has consisted of Sex and the City and getting to know my room mates better, who all seem really nice!

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Here you can see my bike (as requested by Nora), the bag I carried around for some hours, and my new mosquito bites. Felt pretty sorry for myself when I woke up with them. Especially since they are still here and their size makes them pretty hard to cover up. Not like a little pimple. But jaja, too bad ! hahah



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