I thought it was about time I write something about where I have gotten a room. My room is in Uilenstede which is a student housing campus, mostly for students at the VU. I am living in a building with 14 others, whom I share kitchen with. I share bathroom with two only which is very nice. The kitchen can sometimes get really dirty, but I am lucky as the people I share with a relatively clean. However, we now have mice which I think is really disgusting! Today I decided to take some photos of the campus so that you can all see what it looks like here . Uilenstede is situated in Amstelveen, right on the border to Amsterdam and is only a five minute bike ride from my university and about a 20 minute bike ride from Amsterdam center. So it is really nicely situated as I don’t have to travel far to the university and it is easy and quick to get in to the city.

My building

The green area right outside my building

To the right of my building. On the left of this photo is the sports centre.

Another green area where we can bbq in the summers and relax.

The grocery store and culture centre .

Café Uilenstede


Main entrance.



Pirate Party

On Thursday I went to a Pirate party here at Uilenstede with Tatjana, Sophie, Fleur, Christy and Steffen. Had a great time. We decided not to dress up too much this time which was a smart move, as noone really dressed up like a pirate for the occasion.


Got a key to open the treasure chest. In it was the hat on the picture below.


Me, Fleur, Sophie, Tatjana and Christy.












The past days have been the same. Just studying, uni and exercise. Above are some random photos from Amsterdam, and things going on. This week the kitchen has been a complete mess, so I hope people will keep it more clean in the time to come! Last night I went to a pubquiz at uilenstede. It was really hard! They asked the most random questions and my team lost! Was still fun though!
Now it is time to study some more.


Today I got up really early for university. After some hours there I biked to the center of Amsterdam to fix some practical matters and to get a birthday present for my best friend, Sunniva, who turns 18 on Monday. I also did a little shopping for myself and found a gift for Sunniva that I really hope she will like! On my way back the weather turned completely around, and it was raining non-stop. There was also such a heavy wind that I had to paddle as hard as possible to get down the only hill there was on my way home. This country really is flat. The only hills are the bridges over the canals.

Not being in the mood to make dinner today I asked Steffen if he wanted to join me to the café here, which he did. Was really nice with a good hamburger 🙂 I then showed him how to play pool before we both went our separate ways to study and work out. I went to pilate s which was weird. I feel so exhausted and it was really tiring, but I did not get warm or sweaty at all.

I have not taken any pictures so here are some of my lovely sisters and me this summer. Cannot wait to see them in under 2 weeks.

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Sports weekend

This weekend has, and still is, a real sports weekend. I’m just watching though! Steffen has a tennis tournament so I have watched him play this weekend. Tomorrow, he is playing the final so I cannot wait for that! Apart from that I have just been studying and relaxing!

Also got a flight set for going back to Norway! So I will be home from 26-29th October:-) cannot wait to see my family and friends again, and since my family got a new dog I cannot wait to meet her!




On Thursday I went with Tatjana to Escape and we had a great time!




The handball practice last night was not really a success. It was not what I was looking for at all. The level was much lower than I though, the age group was very different and they did not even use “klister”, so I had some problems throwing the ball properly. Haha! Maybe I’ll try tennis or something different instead. Going to the gym anyways which I like so not a big problem.

Last night after handball I went to Steffen’s. I had decided to study there today as I had the day of uni and he didn’t so there would be no distractions and it would be a lot more quiet that it is here at Uilenstede. And it worked. I got so much done today, and can now watch some sex and the city with a good feeling. I also went to the gym with Tatjana so it has been a very good and effective day.

I don’t have any photos so here are some that have not yet been posted.



Louise, Bene, Me at the UilenFeestImage

Steffen and me at the airport to say bye to Sølvi and Frank.




Now it is Sex and the City time!


Dry clothes

Tonight I put my clean laundry in the dryer but seeing as things aren’t working 100% they just came out even wetter:/ so that was a waste. Now my walls are pasted with clothes cause the lucky boy who gets a shakin room when we wash clothes has asked us not to do it too late. Understandable. But this mess. Oh man-.-

Anyways, today I had uni from 9-3 so it was a very long day! I have also gone to a fitness session called total workout which wa really tough!

Yesterday I was at the AZ game (Alkmaar) with Steffen and AZ won 4-0:D so that was really fun! Was also cool that a norwegian guy(Henriksen?) got his debut during the game!

Tomorrow I have my first handball practice here which should be fun. Been half a year so really excited!


Viva Hollanai

Today I went with Steffen to watch Netherlands against Switzerland in tennis. His brother Einar was also there with his tennis team so we met him! The game was really exciting in the end and there was a great atmosphere. I dont know too much about tennis but Steffen explained the rules to me througout the game. Surprisingly the Netherlands won which was really fun since we were seated at the student and heavy supporter section where people were cheering, dancing and singing during the whole game. The duo from Switzerland was the duo which found the doubles under the Olympics and consisted of Roger Federer and his partner.:-) The fact that there is still a hint of summer here made it even better! Could enjoy the sunshine in our faces.
We then went back to Steffen’s family’s house where we had a delicious 3-course. His parents had their friends over for a nice dinner and we joined them to eat and talk some!
Now I am terribly tired from the sun all day!







Kitchen chaos

Today I decided to go into the kitchen and make dinner when I heard some people were in there. It was about 19:30 and I had been studying non stop since 15:00 so I was hungry and tired. From the noises it sounded like there were maybe five others in there, but when I came in I realized that there were at least 10. Since the kitchen is really small this can be very chaotic. Especially when everyone is making dinner and need to use of the two stoves that are there. We were constantly bumping into each other and always in the way for one another. Like one of them said, it was complete kitchen chaos. In addition even more people started appearing after a while. I prefer to go in while the others are eating or right before so I can have a social dinner but not all the stress that there is when 10-16 people have to share a kitchen. And it is not a big kitchen. When I finished my tacos I could enjoy all the people there though, so it was a fun dinner just a terrible preparation.

Apart from studying today I went with Steffen to the airport to say bye to Sølvi. She is leaving to Australia for 3 months with her  boyfriend, Frank, so I hope they have an amazing time. Sounds so much fun what they are going to do! They are renting a camper and driving around! Will get to experience so much, and I cannot wait to see pictures and hear about it. So exciting! I have also made a little collage cause I was really fed up with the plain white walls. It is a slight mess cause I only have a few photos and they are all really old but I will improve it with time! Love having some photos around from the past though 🙂

Last night I biked over to Steffen’s as he took over his sisters apartment! He also got his driver’s licence ( :D) so I had to go congratulate my happy boyfriend! I biked to long along one road though and forgot to turn left. So where it should have been 100m to his apartment I went in the opposite direction for 10 minutes. Was not in the best mood when I realized and had to bike back. So hungry and sweaty, but it is a great way to get to know the city better. You learn from you mistakes!

Tomorrow I am going to watch the Netherlands against Switzerland in tennis, where Roger Ferderer is playing. It should be really fun! After that I am going to Steffen’s family’s house to spend the night as we are going to watch AZ play (football) on sunday! Apart from that the rest of my weekend will also just consist of studying. There is so much to do. Have my first proper assignment due Monday morning, so that is what I spent 5 hours doing today.

I am really starting to enjoy my life in the Netherlands. There are some challenges and I miss my family and friends in Norway a lot, but I feel like this experience is making me grow as a person. I have learnt to be much more independent, even though I have an amazing boyfriend and his family who have been an immense help, in addition to the help from my parents back home! I have to do all the cleaning myself, all the cooking, the groceries, and there is not always someone here to take care of me. Some nights ago I thought there was a spider over my bed. If I would have been home I would most likely just have screamed, but I was all alone. When Steffen has been here I have made him take care of them little bastards but he was not there either. After preparing myself mentally a bit and complaining to Steffen I decided to try to kill it. That is when I realized it was just a mosquito and went back to bed. It is not such a big thing but it is a huge change from before. I have also killed to spiders in my bed. How disgusting isn’t that?!?!? but still spending the night here! Also, being here I have to get everywhere on my own. There are no parents to come pick me up at night! Despite these changes I am really enjoying my life here. The only thing I don’t enjoy is the spiders. Fixing everything on my own I like. It is about time. And I feel like I am growing up. People here are also very nice and both my room mates and the people in my courses are really fun! I have gotten to know some people in my course which is great! I have made some good friends and I am constantly making more 🙂 So till now I LOVE IT!

Wore my new favorite jacket today and yesterday, but it will be going back into the closet again. Even though there is some rain every now and then and the 20’s have reduced, this jacket is just way too warm! It will be perfect for winter though! Cannot wait 😉

The collage! A bit messy but nice with something really personal in the room!

Also, I hope my little sister is doing better! She played a football game last night, and even though she won the head duel, she was pretty unlucky with the result. Get better Nora!

Now it is time for me to watch some sex and the city!