Past days….

These past days have been hectic! There has been a lot of tidying, packing and choosing what I want to bring.

I have also been for a family trip to the cabin, to Preikestolen with my friend Karen, to the hairdresser, to Alexandra and today I went with my sister and cousin to the stable. My youngest sister Ida has a horse a few days a week and my cousin has really wanted to go see it.


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Above are some photos from the past days.



From Prada to nada

Today my sisters and I made taco salad and watched from Prada to nada. The movie was pretty good and we really enjoyed it. A slightly girlie movie but I like that. The taco salad that we made turned out really good. Was a slightly healthier version of taco which I just love.

Now we are just relaxing on the sofa with some delicious lemon mousse that June and I made for yesterdays celebrations. 

Yesterdays night out was also really fun! We went to Beverly’s and had a blast! Now the Kantons have left. It has been so fun to have them visiting and hopefully it will not be long till the next time we meet!



I highly recommend you to watch this movie!



Special day

Today is a special day! My boyfriend os turning 19 and my parents have their 20th wedding anniversary! I wish them all the best day!

I love you so much Steffen!

Since the Kantons are still here June and I went for a walk with my dog at Randabergfjellet! Now we are getting ready for a night out!

June and Tassen!

As you can see we still do not have summer over here!


Baking day

Today I have relaxed in the sun, baked muffins and started on tonights bbq dinner! I have also started to look through my closet to find out what I want to bring to Amsterdam. Now Sunniva is here! She helped me with all the baking and bbq prepertions! Since it is finally a summery day in this cold country we are gonna have a nice bbq! However, first my dad and I are going to pick up the Kanton’s after their ferry rode oer here!



Above are some iphone photos of the muffins. Not the best quality but better than nothing!


Girls night in

Today I had my girls over for a girls night in! We had a delicious dinner with some wine, and carrots and chips for desert! Perfect combo! For dinner I made chilli- and garlic marinated skewers with mango salad, rice and Asian salad. We also had asparagus grilled in butter.

Since I forgot to take pictures all night I will take the liberty of sharing some pictures from which is where I found the recepies.


The garlic and chilli marinated chicken skewers


The Asian salad


And finally, the mango salad! My favorite!

Now I am watching a few episodes of Sex and the CIty before going to bed. Just love that series!

Moving to Amsterdam

As stated in the “about me” section I am moving to Amsterdam to study. This is a happening in my life which I am very excited to be approaching. It is off course going to be scary, but I am convinced that it will be some of the greatest years of my life and a very educational move! I will be blogging about things that happen in Amsterdam and about other things that I am interested in. I am leaving in about two weeks and cannot wait to explore the streets of Amsterdam and to get to know the culture better!