Today Steffen and I got up at 8a.m. to go collect my keys at the duwo office. Before signing the contract we were allowed to take a look at the room. I had been thinking that it was a 2 person apartment but they had told us the wrong information. Instead it was a room with a bathroom shared with 2 others and a kitchen shared with 8 others. At first it was a bit of a shock and I was not even sure if I wanted to stay there. Even though Steffen’s mom warned me that it would be dirty in the room I was pretty shocked when I saw it. However, after some time to just absorb everything we went back, signed the contract and now I am even a bit excited to go in and clean tomorrow. Then I can make it a bit more personal and it will probably be a great year! It is at the Ulensteide campus which is where most students are staying. It is right between the Ulensteide cafè and the VU sports center so the location is great! I have a bottom floor room so I hav a little garden outside the terrace door! Below are some photos of the room:





As you can see most things are fine. However, some things(like that desk chair) will have to go! Haha:-)

When we got back I went for a little bike ride with my new bike:-)


2 thoughts on “Room

  1. Så godt du fikk deg rom Sanna 😀 dette så jo kjempe fint ut .
    Fikk tips om blogg nede i torset ;D
    Lykke til der nede å god helg
    Klem JS ❤

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