My place

Yesterday consisted of cleaning, IKEA, and more cleaning. Since the room was so dirty it took a while to clean it all, but thankfully Marion (Steffen’s mom) could come with me! We washed for about 4 hours before we headed off to IKEA to buy some things that I needed for the room. The room still needs a little decorating but it is sooo much better now! The most important buys must have been the carpet, new curtains, chair that can be made into a bed and lamps! I also got a flower from Marion which makes it more cozy in there!

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Today I had an introduction to IBA at VU, and got to meet some of the people who are doing the same study as me! It was fun to meet people and I cannot wait to get started. There were not as many international students as I would have thought, so my dutch might come faster than I though 😉



Today Steffen and I got up at 8a.m. to go collect my keys at the duwo office. Before signing the contract we were allowed to take a look at the room. I had been thinking that it was a 2 person apartment but they had told us the wrong information. Instead it was a room with a bathroom shared with 2 others and a kitchen shared with 8 others. At first it was a bit of a shock and I was not even sure if I wanted to stay there. Even though Steffen’s mom warned me that it would be dirty in the room I was pretty shocked when I saw it. However, after some time to just absorb everything we went back, signed the contract and now I am even a bit excited to go in and clean tomorrow. Then I can make it a bit more personal and it will probably be a great year! It is at the Ulensteide campus which is where most students are staying. It is right between the Ulensteide cafè and the VU sports center so the location is great! I have a bottom floor room so I hav a little garden outside the terrace door! Below are some photos of the room:





As you can see most things are fine. However, some things(like that desk chair) will have to go! Haha:-)

When we got back I went for a little bike ride with my new bike:-)



Today I got the amazing news that the university had an available room for me! So I will be staying at Uilenstede together with most other international students:) Steffen’s mom also helped me with registering with the municipality, setting up a bank account and ordering a personal ov chipkaart! I also got a bike as a graduation gift from Steffen and his family so now I am really ready for Amsterdam! So grateful!

It is also 3 years since Steffen and I got together so in the evening we went out to eat and for a movie! I had the best time and the food was delicious!

So all in all, today has been a really good day!



No I am not back in Norway. Since I have not yet found somewhere to stay, I am staying with Steffen and his family in Bergen. I am so happy they let me stay here as somewhere to stay looks like it will take a bit longer than I thought. I am still optimistic that it will all work out, but my dad and I were planning to fix it while he was here. So we are at least 4 days overdue on that idea. Staying in Bergen is also nice though, just a bit too far away from Amsterdam. However, it is nice to see Steffen some as well, and is family is great!

Today Steffen came to pick me up in Amsterdam. I don’t know how I would have gotten here if not. I had 3 bags and a big purse, and carrying everything up and down the stairs and into the metro and the train, I found it a challenge with just one bag and the purse. When we got to Bergen Steffen, Sølvi(his sister), and I went midget golfing. It was really fun! The weather was a bit on and off though but while we played it was pretty decent. Almost no rain at all and a comfortable temperature. Later Steffen and I are going to watch Horrible Bosses while we finish off my seigemen and melkesjokolade.

This weekend has been an introduction weekend as I wrote earlier and has therefore consisted of twister, a comedy show, a boat ride, dinners, and some pub-crawls! It has been really fun and I have gotten to know some people here 🙂


Beautiful city<3

ImageSteffen and Sølvi at the midget golf.Image

The scoreboard half-way;-)


Word of Welcome

Today I got up at 9 a.m. to say bye to my dad who flew back home! So we went for breakfast together and switched rooms so that I now have a much bigger room:)
Then I went to the Word of welcome at the VU which was fine. In the end there was an American comedian who spoke which was hillarious. He talked about how you can become orange (dutch). I then had lunch with some of the people that I have gotten to know here. Now I am with Steffen! Yesterday my dad and I had the most delicious beef at a restaurant here in Amsterdam. They had the Kobe meat so we just had to try it! I then went to the Ulensteide again for a pub quiz about the Netherlands and to meet people!


Amsterdam by foot

Today I had nothing scheduled till 20.30 in the evening so my dad and I spent most of the morning and early afternoon walking around in Amsterdam! You get to see so much when you walk around and I am starting to know where things are now, so I guess it has paid off;) Later I am going back to campus for a popquiz but before that we’re gonna find somewhere good to eat! I also saw Steffen again today which was great! Glad he’s back from Canada now:)
Last night at the campus was also really fun and I got to meet lots of people:)

Just had to post a picture of this man we saw today! He blew the biggest bubbles! Crazy!


Another day in the city

Today I was up bright and early at 7 a.m. to go to VU and fix some practical mattets. However, as I don’t have an apartment yet I could not register with the municipality or open a dutch bank accout. So I only signed up for the intro weekend and the esn which is the international students organisation! I then met my dad and went for lunch before we continued looking for somewhere for me to stay. Later I am going back to the Uilenstede campus for an evening activity there!





Today my dad and I travelled to Amsterdam and have been looking at apartments and gotten me a new phone! So now I have iPhone 4S;D woohoo!
We are soon going out to eat! The weather here has been amazing so it’s been great to just walk around outside!